Book Project

Vision: This book aims to set out the key terms, concepts, disciplinary perspective and case studies that will enable readers to:

  1. Reconceptualise the urban as a multi-species environment,
  2. Explore practical considerations and applications for amplifying more-than-human approaches to the urban environment,
  3. Imagine a post-anthropocentric urban future and 4. develop a foundation for further enquiry.

This book project aims to develop a unique truly interdisciplinary co-authored book that sets out the foundations of this ‘Untaming the Urban’ area of investigation on multi-species urban entanglements across disciplines (ie. from the sciences, social sciences, humanities and creative practice) and terminology (eg.  urban ecologies, constructed/novel ecologies, post-anthropocentric, more-than-human, multi-species built environments, cities, towns, suburbs, etc.). To produce a book that fully explore the innovative potential of contemporary book publishing (ie. where the print edition can be mediated by a multi-media electronic publication). The objective is for the book to have impact by being accessible to read by multiple academic disciplines as well as practitioners and an interested public.


Book Co-authors:

  • Amy Hahs
  • Ferne Edwards
  • Jeroen van der Heijden
  • Paul Osmond,
  • Simon Kilbane
  • Stanislav Roudavski
  • Steve Dovers
  • Viveka Turnbull Hocking
  • Wendy Steele

Case-Study Authors:

  • Alexa McAuley
  • Alison Haynes
  • Amy Hahsa
  • Andrew MacKenzie, Ferne Edwards and Katherine Berthon
  • Bec Selleck
  • Byrd and Atune
  • Catherine Clover & Stephen Barrass
  • Clare Mouat
  • Craig Ashhurst
  • Cris Brack
  • Donna Houston & Jean Hillier
  • Elizabeth Demaray
  • Ferne Edwards
  • Heike Qualitz
  • Jacki Schirmer
  • John Reid
  • Joyce Hwang
  • Katherine Berthon
  • Katherine Dafforn & Maria Vozzo
  • Kathy Eyels
  • Keith Bender
  • Leanda Denise Mason
  • Marzena Wasikowska
  • Michael Norris
  • Milica Muminovic
  • Ned Doddington
  • Nicci Haynes
  • Paul Osmond,
  • Rachel Morgain
  • Rebecca Selleck
  • Sally Mumford
  • Sarah Robertson
  • Shags
  • Simon Kilbane
  • Stanislav Roudavski
  • Steve Dovers & Craig Ashhurst
  • Tom Buckland
  • Tommy Dick
  • Viveka Turnbull Hocking
  • …and others